Bouncy Castle Leasing

Bouncy Castle/Inflatable leasing or Long Term Hire is a new concept and we are the first company in the UK to officially offer it for all of UK and Ireland.

Have you ever wanted to have your own bouncy castle/inflatable but didn't want to put up the big money for it?

Have you ever wanted to increase your fleet of bouncy castles/inflatables but couldn't justify the big investment/loan?

Well now you can!!!

We lease to the trade - Inflatable Hire Companies, Leisure Centres, Community Groups, Youth Groups & Churches, We would also consider anyone else that has a long term use for one of our inflatables.

Why lease you may ask???

There are many reasons why our current customers lease from us:

  • Many can't keep up with the high and ever increasing demand for the hire of inflatable equipment.

  • Our customers invest year on year to grow their own hire fleet but still can't keep up/underestimate the demand for the product, hence were we come into play leasing them additional unit/units.

  • Some Clients don't want to commit the investment of so many new units year on year and would rather go for a lower risk option - an option with no initial investment.

  • Other Clients maybe don't have the funds immediately available to invest in the growth but are losing bookings hand over fist as they cannot keep up with demand.

  • Our Leisure Centre & Community Centre clients benefit from free testing of the unit & a brand new unit every 1 - 2 years.

  • Leasing is a lot cheaper than some may think ranging from £20.00 - £45.00 per week for our standard units.

How is leasing cost effective???

Some look at leasing and ask how can it pay but many of our customers are getting the inflatable out multiple times per week therefore the lease is costing them very little per hire.

Others are thinking outside the box and take a look at the broader picture. Short term it may not be making them much but as hirers ourselves we know how frustrating it can be if you have promoted your business and spent money on advertising and now you can't supply the demand. If you find this is the case and you can't supply that customer just that one time the chances are they will go to a competitor. Once they have done this the chances are they will continue to use the competitor for any future hires, thus making leasing a unit a very worthwhile exercise until the year you have your own unit and gain the full reward of the hire.

Many also use it to test the water on a new type of inflatable if they are unsure of the popularity of it, without having to make the big initial investment.

Leasing is a good way to promote growth within your business!!!

Standard units available for Long Term Hire, Full Range of themes to choose from
  • Jungle,
  • Ocean,
  • Pirate,
  • Party,
  • Only selected castles available in princess (unless otherwise stated below), prices are per week

Leasing Catalogue and prices 2019

bouncycastles bouncycastles

Click here to download our 2019 Leasing pricelist.

Leasing Facts

  • • Minimum leasing duration is usually 6 months
  • • Leasing is available to all over the UK and Ireland
  • • Unit must be insured by the company hiring the equipment, who become liable for unit when on hire to themselves and their customer
  • • Inflatable comes with a test which will last at least the duration of your lease
  • • Leased units are no older than 1 season when sent out for your lease
  • • Inflatable comes with blower and pegs (other accessories available for sale)
  • • All units are manufactured from the renowned Airquee Brand
  • • Exclusive winter deals for those customers hiring in the summer months

  • • £250 refundable deposit secures any inflatable for an agreed start date
  • • Equipment is covered by us for fair wear and tear damage
  • • Equipment damaged due to carelessness/malicious acts will be at the expense of the hirer and must be reported to us immediately and has to be fixed by us or a dedicated repair centre (all repairs are back to base)

To book you inflatable or if you have any queries please email with your questions or call Ronan on 07767113915.